You will love me, hate me, judge me, relate to me.
Only a few will, this how it sounds when you too real !
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I know we could have had it all

I wasn’t ready to go steady no not at all
Smoke and mirrors clouded my vision we hit a wall
Couldn’t see the moon and the sky behind the fog
Pregnant pause
Damn your baby tall, what you been up to
I don’t blame you my doll
Yeah, we kinda stalled
As God as my witness, timin’ was my mistress
I guess it’s in the stars for me to love you from a distance
Uh, our ship sail, uh, the wind blows
The door’s always open but our window was closed
You always thought “What if?”
But that’ll just drive you crazy baby, girl interrupted
Thinkin’ ’bout what wasn’t
Thinkin’ ’bout what was it?
Was it somethin’ I done?
Somethin’ I could do better although nothin’ could be done
Sometimes you get what you need
Now what you think you want?
So baby no moon and sky, got a beautiful sun